Traveller - Mongoose 1st Ed.


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Spiral arms

NameHexStatsBasesTrade CodesTC
Mmmyxo                        0101    C784475-7       T C G           Ga NI               A
Wfg-Juox                      0103    B233615-12      N T C           Ht Na NI Po         
Grassi 84                     0104    C443621-9                       NI Po               
Lake of Reply                 0105    XA77573-4       G               Ag Ga Lt NI         A
Vvsomplam                     0106    B524651-7       T C             NI                  R
Threadbare Mariani            0110    B655533-11      N G             Ag Ga NI            
Freitas 67                    0201    D305026-4       S G             IC Lt Va            
Distraught Farm               0202    A544349-9       S T C G         Ga Lo               A
Dizzy Micallef                0203    C445520-6       P G             Ag NI               A
Rxlysmh XV                    0205    C744126-5       T G             Ga Lo Lt            
Pay Notable                   0206    E567865-6       G               Ga Ri               
Sfj Erche                     0207    D681355-6       G               Lo                  
52 Street                     0209    A724675-11      S R T C G       NI                  A
Xuyyj                         0210    D677978-4                       Ga Hi In Lt         A
Split XCI                     0303    A243310-14      T C G           Ht Lo Po            A
Rup Wnqo                      0305    C680659-6       P G             De NI Ri            A
WWU-1                         0306    C555678-10      G               Ag Ga NI            A
Dkzoqa XXXI                   0308    D673544-4       S G             Lt NI               
Opn Ufyfn                     0310    D673247-4       G               Lo Lt               R
Broken Radio                  0401    C001558-12      S G             Ht IC NI Va         R
54 Wright                     0402    CAC56A7-9       S G             Fl NI               A
Gag-Qaybt                     0408    D120532-10      S G             De NI Po            
Heikkinen's Tradition         0502    D300220-10      S G             Lo Va               A
Joyous Alves                  0504    E764036-2       G               Ga Lt               
Bruno's Call                  0505    C333563-7       P G             NI Po               
XGW-1                         0506    D551422-4       S G             Lt NI Po            
Imperturbable 8               0509    C672300-8       T P G           Lo                  R
Yellow of Andersson           0510    C75378A-7       S G             Po                  A
Brisk De Angelis              0601    D755422-3       S G             Ga Lt NI            
S-84                          0604    CAB8464-5       G               Fl Lt NI            R
IM-868                        0606    C372410-5                       Lt NI               A
Xyvo                          0607    B87B434-6       G               NI Wa               
Cus Poulq                     0608    C784456-6       G               Ga NI               
Group Vague                   0610    C656334-8       G               Ga Lo               
Micallef 6                    0702    B345200-12      N S G           Ht Lo               A
Tear of Internet              0706    D466755-6       S               Ag Ri               
G-93                          0707    C476112-8                       Lo                  
Ebner 40                      0709    B1018A6-12      N S T C G       Ht IC Na Va         A
Worse of Thomsen              0801    E655610-6       G               Ag Ga NI            A
Dubois 43                     0804    A778332-11      N R T C G       Ga Lo               
Wuwodeydb                     0805    E86C205-3       G               Lo Lt Wa            A
Grand Different               0806    D512011-3       S G             IC Lt               
84 Bowl                       0808    E6649CF-4       G               Ga Hi Lt            A
Physical Necessary            0809    E200652-7       G               Na NI Va            

N = Naval
S = Scout
R = Research
C = Imperial Consulate
P = Pirate
G = Gas giant
Trade Codes
Ag = Agricultural
As = Asteroid
Ba = Barren
De = Desert
Fl = Fluid oceans
Ga = Garden
Hi = High population
Ht = High technology
IC = Ice capped
In = Industrial
Lo = Low population
Lt = Low technology
Na = Non agricultural
NI = Non industrial
Po = Poor
Ri = Rich
Va = Vacuum
Wa = Water world