Space Memories

(A StarDrifter Diary)

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Approaching a binary system.Playing with the Vimana Drive.Self made eclipse.

A suggestive, romantic, lonely night on the roof of the StarDrifter.Stars effects are so fine during the approach.They say you have to like the stars to make this job.

I guess my life will be some epoc shorter if I keep deactivating the radiation field.It looks cold.Again getting nice effects while playing with the Vimana Drive.

This place is cold and void.A beatiful orange giant.A shot of a moon, its planet and another moon.
These three bodies' orbits seem to be very close one to the other.

Finding good places for shots while in open space is often a matter of luck.
I caught this group of companion stars enjoying my arrival with complex lens-flare dances.
Countless moons of a planet.
In such moments I realize how much I need to plan a general exploration program for places like this.
The power of the Vimana Flight is something that comes in handy for several purposes.
Here we're drifiting past a star just to take a 'fake comet' picture.

Shooting a planet along with its star is not just a question of doing a 'balanced' photo.
I often feel a sense of righteousness like it was a picture of a baby with his mother.
Gas giants' athmospheres are the most obvious features of such planets.
Their layered complexity adds a mystery to the true knowledge about the surface.
My curiosity might kill me.

A planet surrounded by a thin ring, made visible by the dimmed light of the eclipsed star.I wish I had a manual control for my stardrifter. I'd take a lot of pictures like this one.This time the thin ring is less visible.
The lens flare effect gives the fault impression of a oddly curved ring.

I think I have something for eclipses.
Or am I just always hiding from the light?
A multiple star system. The relatively small size of some of the companion stars makes them be easily outshone by the lens flare casted over by the main stars.This planet is mean. The colours transmit a sense of unknown danger.
Its beauty is so aggressive.

The 'mean' gas giant ruling over three orbiting moons.

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