Latest news:

As you (should) see, we're on a new webspace. is Marco's personal website, your favourite Lama Tematica guitarist and webmaster.
I was tired to pay for unused space, since Lama Tematica broke up, but I didn't want this website to become totally extinct, so I just moved it here.
The main change for you is that the email address is no longer working (or won't be anymore in a couple of days, anyway I'm still deciding of creating a Lama Tematica mail account somewhere....), the main change for me is that I don't have to check spam messages from "friends" anymore.
To all the friends whom I sent an empty email with "unsubscribe" as subject in order to be deleted from their newsletter distribution lists: fuck off.

Unrelated to Lama Tematica, this site will soon be hosted at (my personal website), you should still be able to reach it using the same old URL.
As I anticipated, the follow up to Lama Tematica is growing fast: Daniele lodevalm liked our songs so much that he decided to enter the band as bass player and the sound is finally getting a defined shape.
No name, no voice, no bullshit.

I uploaded several photos of some past show.
There are also shots from 2006 Obscene Extreme Festival: Lama Tematica very last gig.

I didn't update this site for a long time, I know.
LamaTematica broke up while ago and I'm still deciding how to manage this domain.
Probably will turn into my personal site; I'll be transferring LamaTematica webpage in a suitable section.
Do not fall into dispair, though. Marco and Alessandro are keeping working together on a quite different project.
It's getting a lot of time and we surely lack a bass guitar, for every news keep reading these pages.
It's likely that the general aspect of this site may change, but these pages will be surely reachable.
About the songs we recorded in 2005: I'd like to release them free, but there are rumours and maybe we'll get this record released by conventional means.

Back online! Sorry if you couldn't reach us in the last days. We changed the host, now we have more available space so I uploaded the songs from the Promo 2002 CDR.
Download them in the music section.

Lama Tematica are looking for co-producers to help release their last recordings, a dozen of tracks recorded last summer at Cerchio Perfetto by Tino Paratore. Four songs are available for download in the music section.
You are know officially invited to contact us about it.

You can now download 4 songs of Lama Tematica next work in the music section.
I decided to put just our photos on the site. The new shots are by Alice Belcredi, thanks.
We also have a very new and very crappy page on myspace.

Lama Tematica have been invited at Obscene Extreme Festival 2006 which will be in Trutnov (Czech Republic) on July 13/14/15, 2006.

Lama Tematica have finished mixing their new record with sound technician Tino Paratore at Cerchio Perfetto, there'll be a dozen tracks with new as long as old ones.